Season Two: Anglesey

What a day. What a race.

Adrian didn’t join me for this one as he was away sunning himself (and training for his cycling jaunt) in Majorca. I had a whole day of racing to myself and so I enlisted the help of my dad to come along and keep me company as well as do some video and help.

There were two races and one qualifying to get  done and a 7:30am sign on. Having picked up the car from the guys over at Pro 9 after they fixed it due to my smashage at Brands, we decided an overnight stay would be the best option to be fresh for the next day.

I’ve raced at Anglesey last year (although with the uncompetitive car) and so knew I already liked the circuit. The qualifying went fine coming in 7th (a bit slow in fairness as there were two 944 S2s ahead of me including Pro 9’s old car from last year, which is quick). The first race was a sprint of 15 minutes, no stops which was fantastic. Fast, furious, pure driving. I managed to come in 6th which wasn’t bad as I got used to racing around this track as opposed to just driving it.

Anglesey Trophy CSCC

The next race was the full 40 minute, pit stop included jaunt. I’d not done a pit stop just me and that was very slow – over 2 minutes when me and Adrian do it in 1. That really slowed me down as you would imagine (nearly a whole lap!) but somehow I still managed to come 4th. This was maybe more luck than driving (car 944 retired with petrol pump issue and the other 944 S2 had a drive through for jumping the start) but its all racing. 4th overall also turns out to be 3rd in class – which gave me a little trophy to celebrate.

Also, great news, I didn’t mangle the car into a tyre wall after two raves and it got back to the garage safe and sound and was tucked up ready for her next outing at Pembry in a few weeks time.

For all of the timing details download this PDF if you’re interested. The video footage from my dad, including a few overtakes at the second corner (the hairpin) will be on here soon too. Just waiting for his editing (he’s not an editor of course!)


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