Cheshire: a small but great route

A route that I occasionally take to and from work includes some back roads to cut across country from near Chester to near Beeston. It just gets rid of all the traffic on the a51 or the a41 which can make drives to work very boring! As a result these roads are much more interesting. You don’t need to be going¬†excessively¬†fast to enjoy them – the turns are slow enough to be well below the speed limit and still be challenging and interesting. It’s not silky smooth tarmac – can be a bit undulating and has various pieces of camber – all of which makes it better in my opinion.

There’s only one more populated area (Huxley) in the middle including schools and so the speed limit needs to be adhered to here. The road is less interesting here anyway. Apart from that though it’s countryside, generally quiet apart from the odd bus/tractor and so a good road.

Only about 10-15 mins long.

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