My new car – Porsche Cayman S

Today, I picked up my new car. Every 3 years or so a new car will make an appearance for me, and many will know this is never an easy decision as the market is so wide and there’s so much interesting metal about. See my earlier wranglings on my top 4 choices here.

First of all I test drive an E46 M3 at a dealership near Chester. Didn’t like it. Sure there was a lot of performance and equipment but the feeling was all wrong including a notchy long manual shift and just a feeling of general disappointment. Out went the M3. The same day I wander over to the OPC in Chester (well Ellesmere Port really) and test drove a Cayman S. That’s this car:

Porsche Cayman S

That's a pretty car

That’s also now the car that’s sitting on my driveway. This tends to happen to me a lot. When the feeling is right, I don’t go on to drive loads more cars. I don’t have acres of time to do so and if a car makes me happy, why not?

Bizarrely for me this is also a Tiptronic, not a manual. Now I’m a through and through petrolhead, so a manual should be automatic choice. It wasn’t. I love driving this car and not needing to change gear. Yes, it’s not as rapid and getting it right like a manual or a later PDK box is, but once you learn it, it’s a joy to drive. Just so easy to potter about in traffic one second (even a jam is nice and easy forward creeping) or be overtaking with the awesome flat 6 roar the next. Finally with the toggles on the steering wheel I can, if I wish, knock it up or down a gear myself, no worries.

Porsche Cayman S rear

Nice arse

There’s a few things that could be better but it is a late 05 car – no aux/usb for an iPod, no bluetooth (but a SIM insert option) but they are minor things indeed.Right now I’m just enjoying the noise.

A final word on my S2000

My S2000

Very sad to see her go

As part exchange, the S2000 has been traded in. It was on the verge of 108,000 miles, of which 56,000 of them were mine. It was a delight to drive those miles. It’s screaming VTEC sound (especially with the AEM induction kit) was a true joy and will always be remembered as the best manual transmission I’ve ever used. The box was so chunky yet short, weighty and precise, that I don’t think there’s much manual wise that could beat it. She was also super reliable over the time I had her especially considering the performance. I didn’t think about it much at the time and I know I didn’t give her a second glance once I was in the Cayman. Now though, as I’m sure all petrolheads are in this situation, I’m a bit sad. Sad that I can’t just keep her. Sad she will go on to a different place now and may not be treated quite so well. Sad that I will miss driving her and having her as my daily companion through many miles. I guess this must be what pet owners are like when a dear pet dies. I’ll keep many fond (mostly Welsh) memories of my S2000. I look forward ot many more in the Cayman too.

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