My S2000 rules my summer

Today is the day that the hard top came off the S2000 and is now stowed in my hallway (the woman is as usual, wishing I had not demolished the garage). This marks, for me at least, the start of a summer of top down motoring (or at least I hope). The new 17″ wheels have only been on while the hard top has so it’s great to see that they make the car look awesome with the roof down too. Better than expected I would say.

S2000 with roof down

Born to have the roof down

I then proceeded, as it tradition, to take it for a hoon around North Wales. The results were spectacular. I always forgot over the long winter months how superb this car is in summer. With the roof down, the AEM intake howling and some sweeping dry bends, it feels like pure pleasure navigating it around each twist and turn. The addictive nature of the VTEC is even more pronounced when you can really hear the manic change in cam profile as it goes in, it’s literally hard to put into words, but I will try. It’s like fast, fast, fast, blaaaahahahaha. Close. Grins and laughing to myself ensued.

S2000 fuel gauge empty

The best way to run out the tank

This, I imagine is not an uncommon feeling amongst S2000 owners and convertible drivers as a whole. The combination of a real drivers car and top down feels magical. It’s not just the blasting around bends and the grip that’s great. It’s also just the feeling of the wind in your hair as you cruise along in some fantastic scenery. Now, this may sound a little airy fairy but it’s a great feeling not to be missed out on. I would encourage anyone, even if you buy it for a month and sell it again, to drive an S2000 during the summer on some great roads.

It’s a perfect way to finish off a tank of fuel.

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