Porsche 944 S – a sad day

It was meant to be a day of triumph. A day of finally fixing her up so that she was OK for our day at Silverstone on Monday (2 days time). We were meant to be getting some eyelets fitted for the harnesses, getting the differential carrier bearings changed and fitting the driver bucket seat.

So, out of all of things that needed to be done what did I manage to accomplish? Well, see the below.

Rear wing damage 944

Oh dear

So how did I accomplish this feat? A combination of bad luck and driver error. Coming down a national speed limit A road at around 45/50mph I rounded a bend to be greeted by a queue of traffic. I’ve come down this road both ways hundreds of times now and have ever seen a queue there which is part the bad luck. I started to brake (as you would expect) as I was rounding the bend to slow down in time. Unfortunately as I broke the steering was of course less effective and so I started to make my way to the other side of the road as the wheels locked up a bit. It all happened pretty quickly and next thing I know I have glanced the side of a Skoda Fabia with my front wing.  Queue exchanging of details and me being very bummed out. I know now that if I had just lifted off the brake a second I could of righted the car and then broke in a straight line and all would of been well. You can always intellectualise afterwards of course, my brain was not setup in the moment clearly.

Second smack image


So we’re not going to Silverstone in the Porsche that’s for sure. Looks like my S2000 is going to be getting a beating again. At least it has good spec discs and pads now and new tyres. Trials and tribulations!

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