Porsche Cayman S – first few months review

It’s been a few months now that I’ve had my first road going Porsche in the shape of my 3.4 Cayman S. I thought I’d report my initial review of the car. I always think you need a good year to really grow into a car and be part of it, so I don’t feel like I’m there yet, still bedding in.

What is true is that this is an incredibly capable car. Almost too good. Let me expand on that a touch. My previous Honda S2000 was a good car but it missed a few things – no traction control, had to be really worked to get the speed out of it (screaming at 8700rpm) and was space challenged. I loved those things about it though – it made it an engaging a daily interesting drive. The Cayman on the other hand is good at everything. Let’s break it down into sections.

Luggage space

Yes, one of the lowest requirements for my purchase, yet a surprising benefit of the Cayman. The S2000 didn’t have a lot, but the Cayman as a useful rear boot/shelf and a deep front boot. This meant it could carry all of mine and Verity’s clothing and stuff for a few days with my parents as well as all the Christmas presents in the front boot:

Porsche Cayman S Boot space - rear

The rear space

Porsche Cayman S front boot space

The front boot

It’s slightly hard to get over in the photo exactly how deep the front boot it – but it’s really useful for transporting taller things still standing up like bottles. Very useful.

Torque and general ease of speed

For me, this section is the hardest part of this car. I elected for a tiptronic model meaning I have effectively an automatic that I can override if I wish. This is superb for town driving, traffic jams and general pootling along. By far a superior experience to my S2000 in every way.

When pushing on though, the tiptronic isn’t as engaging as a manual. “No sh*t” I hear you say. You would be right, this is not a revelation but worthy of mention. The ability to change gears is still there but there are two things about it that make it not quite so good. First, you don’t have the actual satisfaction of the motion of changing gear. Secondly, it’s sequential. I didn’t think this would be a big deal. In actuality, overtaking is very often a 5th/4th to 3rd/2nd gear change and so that sequential action feels slow and ponderous. The auto can change down two gears in one go itself – but you can’t.

Torque wise, it’s got stacks more and the ease of speed is high, I don’t have to work this car to easily cover ground at a brilliant rate of knots. I like that (easy) and I don’t like it (not challenging). It’s slightly missing that drivers edge that makes you learn the car.

Sound and Stereo

The sound is just immense. A snorting little rocket ship of a car. Porsche have engineering the experience inside the cabin so that your ears are treated to a lovely sound of the 3.4 six that’s not too loud, but far from being timid. It’s a great aural inside experience, and sounds good outside too. I’ll try to get a recording of good enough quality to post here. In this way, it trumps the as standard quiet as a mouse S2000.

My car comes with the uprated Bose sound system including a sub woofer. I have ever experienced a car with a great sound system like this. I don’t know what is sounds like as standard, but it sounds fantastic with the uprated package. The sub in particular really adds to the experience. It’s just a shame as a slightly older model it doesn’t have bluetooth or an aux connection.


Porsche said they aligned it before they gave it to me, but I like to check anyway. A quick trip to Buckley Tyres to see Kev (who helped me with my Porsche 944 incident) and but her on. Below are the before and afters. Not much difference but it feels a tiny bit more settled on the road and the motorway. I like everything to be green anyway!

4 wheel alignment Porsche Cayman - before

The before readings

4 wheel alignment Porsche Cayman - after

The after readings

One day I’ll do a full proper review of the car of course just like the long term S2000 review.


If you have any questions about the car, the spec or anything like that drop me a line!

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