Season Two: Snetterton & Brands Hatch

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A quick update on our first two races of season two of racing. We’ve had a lot of work done on the car (different colour among them!) which has resulted in a car that weighs 1080kg with half a tank of fuel which is a great weight for a 944 S2. The photos above are from both races.


A track we’d not visited before, and with its reputation for being a fast track, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were on the Snetterton 200 track which is the shorter track. It turned out to be a fantastic circuit. It has challenging corners, fast corners, and a few easier corners too!

We had two races at Snetterton – the normal 40 minute, 2 driver race, and a second shorter race that Adrian did on his own. This had the great advantage of more racing time of course, but key to us on this new circuit, more qualifying time, taking a session each. This gave us some great bedding in time ahead of the race itself.

The race from an MR2’s perspective is below from YouTube. I had a decent start but kept making a few mistakes which meant I did battle this MR2 for a while when on paper pour car is much faster. Finally I get away and really start to key in before handing over to Adrian. We finished in a decent position for our first race of the year. The second video is a few pit wall and walking round ones as Adrian raced.

Brands Hatch

Fresh from Snetterton, we were looking forward to Brands which was our first (damp) race last year. No such weather this year with bright sunshine and we were in the garages as well which made for a very civilised affair indeed. With a very early race we should be away nice and early as well and only one race this time.

Adrian had a battle of a start in a pack of lots of cars as you can see below in the video from another 944. Great scraps that really looked like racing but of course, did slow him down from setting a clean lap. After coming into the pits I got out and took a few places back over the course of 10 laps and was flying pretty well.

After a moment of lapsed concentration though coming onto the start/finish straight, it all ended. I was still finishing off the corner and glanced into my rear view mirror and when I glanced back I was on the grass heading straight to the gravel and the tyre wall. Either I’d released a bit of lock or not put enough on. Either way going 60 odd means I had no time to avoid the wall and knocked it pretty hard. A foolish and ridiculous error that cost us a good finish and not a small amount of £. It should be repaired for Anglesey. Adrian finished off his 6 races to get rid of novice and I should do the same at Anglesey where we have two races for just me!

Porsche 944 race car damage

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